Early Access Launch!

July 12, 2017

Hi everyone,

The day is here! Today we release Ariel on Early Access. We wanted to share with you some fact regarding our scope and pipeline for the near future 🙂

Ariel on Steam

First of all, we wish to state that many improvements and implementations are already in place, but not present in the current version. We will release a series of updates which will stabilize the current version.

Some of the following are examples of what we have thought for the near future: We will first work hard on these topics:

  • Higher level of optimization
  • Improve stability of the software
  • Loading times

Additional implementations are to be expected within early updates, such as the Third Person Mode, additional weapons, improved mechanics and such.

We are aware of Ariel’s wildlife participation during the game; we plan to spend a great amount of time polishing this feature, since we feel that it is important to the general context of the game.

Though Ariel is still in an early version of itself, we have released the story up to the point where the many endings to the story converge; Ariel is now finishable up to that point. The scene where the story unravels according to your performance will be a later update, complementing the narrative and allowing you to unlock the many endings to the story.

The Original Soundtrack: The OST is available in .Wav and MP3 files. You can download both once you have acquired it.

Finally, if everything goes according to plan, we will remodel and improve some of the assets. We are aware of the potential of the game, and we will pursue its final version as a polished and well tempered gameplay.

That is all for now; Let us know what you think, we hope you enjoy the game!